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Reserve your rental car with Adobe Car Rental online here:

      Adobe Rental

From years of experience, Las Mareas has chosen Adobe Rent-A-Car as our primary car rental affiliate. Beyond having competitive rental prices and great selection, we are extremely happy with Adobe's professionalism and customer service. 

Adobe has car rental offices all over Costa Rica, which makes it easy to rent, travel and return your car anywhere in the country. Simply make your reservation, select a pick up and drop off point and an Adobe staff member will meet you with your rental car. 

Adobe Rent-A-Car also has offices near each major airport, so it's no hassle if you want to rent a car when arriving to either the Liberia or San Jose International Airport to then drive to Las Mareas in Tamarindo. 


Some other Adobe Rent-A-Car benefits include:

- 24-hour roadside assistance

- Cell phone service for a one time charge of $10 (have a local cell phone in your car just in case)

- Free entrance to 5 of Costa Rica's top tourist attractions including two volcanoes


Adobe's quoted rates have no hidden fees; they include all taxes and require a mandatory minimum insurance ($1,000 deductible).