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In 2007, the Las Mareas project was put on hold due to changes in zoning to protect the local National Marine Park, in particular the Leatherback turtle nesting grounds, which border our project. This delay occurred in the wake of the global financial crisis and turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Las Mareas.

During these years, we had the ability to re-draw our business plan. Properties were no longer appreciating by 20% a year - We believed in building a beautiful project you would be proud to own, but we also wanted to couple all of the attributes of a good investment in your purchase. Simply stated, we want you to be profitable. In order to do this, we focused on cost of ownership, expenses and driving them down as much as possible. We also focused on turning your property into an income generating machine. We tapped our creativity and our resources and are quite proud of the results. Below are a few of the ways we anticipate our project will be different than anything else you will find.

Reasons for Lower Cost of Ownership:

  • Energy efficiency mechanisms (high-efficiency air-conditioners, spray-foam insulation in the roof to keep radient heat out and cool air in, dual-pane gas-fileld glass in the windows and doors that seal like refrigerators, bi-folding doors that allow for maximum cross ventilation and much more)
  • Strategically designed HOA costs (Anticipated lower than average because of economies of scale in El Tesoro as well as the use of drought-tolerant landscaping so dry season water expenses are kept to a minimum)
  • Limited to no marketing expense for rental clients generated through Pangas Beach Club

Reasons for Income

  • Tamarindo's vibrant vacation rental market 
  • Annual visitation to Costa Rica continues to set records year after year and yet very few hotels are being built - Vacation rentals of homes have become a very successful and profitable model for business across the country. The villas at Las Mareas will take advantage of the already existing vacation rental market.
  • Our 3-bed/3-bath well-appointed units fill a high demand niche in the market. 
  • Pangas Beach Club - Pangas is Tamarindo's hottest new restaurant, beach club and wedding and event destination. Extremely popular among wedding planners, Pangas already has over 26 events scheduled for 2014. These events will generate guests renting our villas, giving our owners a level of income and occupancy beyond the general vacation rental market.
  • Villa Owner Credit at Pangas - As an owner of one of our villas, if you choose to rent your home through Las Mareas Property Management, your tenants spending will be tracked at Pangas. A percentage of their money spent, will be placed as a credit for you to enjoy when you are back in town.                 


For a presentation on the potential income resulting from ownership please contact us and ask for additional information.