The Residences FAQ

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  1. How do I go about purchasing a residence?

    To learn more about the next step in purchasing a residence at Las Mareas, please contact or call (+516) 2653-1561.

  2. Can I purchase a residence for investment?

    Absolutely. We expect all of our buyers to consider these residences a good and sustainable investment. Whether you’re living at Las Mareas or you choose to you’re your residence, our owners will benefit from less than average ownership expenses or from earning income through rentals. Las Mareas de Tamarindo was designed to provide all our residence owners – full or part time – with measurable ways of measuring the success of their investment.

  3. How much will it cost to own a residence at Las Mareas?

    Our villas cost approximately $770,000 to own and are available for purchase now. Two of six have been pre-sold and each villa residence is identical to the next in terms of area, design and amenities. At Las Mareas, we spent extra time and money designing our residences so our buyers will immediately realize their purchase as a true investment in today's economy. Low HOA costs combined with an energy-efficient design model will make our villas cost significantly less to own than similar projects on the market. We are actively pursuing sources of third-party financing for qualified buyers - please specifiy your interest in financing when filling out the contact form.

  4. How much can I expect to make from rental income?

    Las Mareas Property Management is built to allow our buyers to benefit directly from competitive vacation rentals should they choose to enter the rental pool. Based on the current rental market in Tamarindo, we predict our residences will boast above average occupancy rates due to the unique features and amenities of Las Mareas and our beach club. Forecasted rental incomes:


    High Season (Dec. 15 – April 15), 90% Occupancy at $2,800/wk.: $42,840

    Mid Season (April 15 – Aug. 15), 65% Occupancy at $2,500/wk.: $29,250

    Low Season (Aug. 15 – Dec. 15), 35% Occupancy at $2,200/wk.: $13,090

    Total at 63% Occupancy: $85,180


    Property Management Fee (20% of Reservation Fee, Nonexclusive): $17,036

    Homeowner Association Fees: $4,740

    Utilities (est.): $4,200

    Cleaning Fee 1x/wk. Basic Service at $150/month: $1,800

    Repairs & Maintenance: $6,000

    Total: $33,776

    EBITA for Villa Owner:

    Annual: $51,404

    Monthly Avg.: $4,283.67

    Estimated Food & Beverage Credit at Pangas Beach Club:

    Ten percent (10%) on all Beach Club expenses return as credit to owner: $2,810.94

  5. Can I rent my villa independently?

    Yes! Our owners can feel free to rent out their own residence without using the Las Mareas Property Management service. If you choose to rent the villa independently, you will pay a key turnover rate of $125 per rental client instead of the 20% management fee.

  6. What are my utilities per month?

    Until our villas are occupied and “plugged in,” it is difficult to provide a definitive estimate of average monthly utility costs. However, it is our top priority to provide our owners with lower than average ownership expense. We have taken steps to minimize the cost of utilities and we expect to be significantly better than average when it comes to cost effective ownership. In order to conserve energy and lower costs, our villas are equipped with dual pane glass windows and bi-folding doors to seal rooms like a refrigerator. We have also installed high efficiency air-conditioning units with occupancy sensors to control energy expenditure. Based on our research, the average utility (water & electric) cost of a 3 bedroom home in Tamarindo is between $500 and $700 per month, but we expect the cost to be much lower here at Las Mareas.

  7. Are all residences the same?

    Yes. No matter which villa you choose, each residence features the same living area and amenities as the next.

  8. How safe and private are the residences?

    Las Mareas de Tamarindo is located within the security of El Tesoro, Tamarindo’s only gated community that is guarded 24/7 by security personnel. Our villas are located in a secure and private setting up the El Tesoro hill and are surrounded by Costa Rican jungle and protected green zones to offer our owners natural protection and seclusion.

  9. What are the advantages of living at Las Mareas?

    There are many advantages to owning your dream home at Las Mareas de Tamarindo. Our units are located within the security of the El Tesoro gated community, which features paved roads and completed infrastructure. The property is surrounded by green zones – areas of forest protected by law – ensuring our owners a pristine location close to nature and the security of a height restriction place on any buildings in the area. In addition, Las Mareas is the only real estate project that features a unique partnership with its beach club. Owners and guests enjoy full use of Pangas Beach Club and its facilities, located just steps to the beach and several spectacular surf breaks. If you choose to rent your villa, you will also be eligible to receive a percentage of the money your tenants spend at the beach club to enjoy as credit when you return.