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After years of preparation, we are pleased to introduce the Las Mareas project to the marketplace. We believe the extra steps and careful consideration put into each element of design will right away place Las Mareas as one of the most competitive real estate projects in the area. Our buyers will not be disappointed with the purchase of one of our villas as the following features differentiate Las Mareas from the rest of the Tamarindo marketplace:

  • Las Mareas is the only 24-hour, fully staffed gated community in the town of Tamarindo. As a result, we offer privacy and security unlike any other available properties in the area. Our amazing ocean view looks across the bay of Tamarindo towards the point of Cabo Velas and is framed by the unspoiled, ever-changing tidal patterns of Playa Grande. All you see is national park. Then the lively town of Tamarindo is at your doorstep to be enjoyed. Our geography is unique in that we are steps to the beach with awesome views. The combination of unspoiled views of the coast, a private community, steps to the beach, and in a town like Tamarindo is not only rare it simply does not exist along this coast. We are proud to offer these and many more features that promise to give an owner of one of our villas a great experience.
  • It is noteworthy that we as developers have placed as a high priority that these residences prove to be profitable for our buyers.  The costs of ownership have been kept to a minimum. Many energy savings features, again unique to our residences, have been employed. Such as insulated roofs, high efficiency air conditioners, dual pane glass in all doors and windows. HOA fees are expected to be below the average for the area. We expect to have strong rental income right away as does much of Tamarindo, but as we become known for our unique features we anticipate a higher occupancy rate than similar properties.
  • Finally a word about our beach club. We have a great property directly on the beach that will function as an extension of this residence. It will be a great place to hang out all day and enjoy exceptional food. As an owner, if your residence has tenants in it, you will enjoy a percentage of their expenses as a credit in the club. We decided that our buyers should become partners in effect of the beach club rather than fee-paying members. This again is how we have distinguished our project as unique.