Pangas Beach Club

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 Las Pangas Beaches


Timeless elegance meets beachfront casual here at Pangas Beach Club. With rustic driftwood lounge chairs, fresh gourmet dishes and pumping surf breaks right at your fingertips, Pangas is the perfect place to get lost in Tamarindo’s laidback tropical lifestyle.

Located on the sands of north Tamarindo beach, Pangas is a breezy beach club by day and a relaxed restaurant and bar by night. Whether grabbing an afternoon beer in your board shorts or enjoying a candlelit dinner in the dining room, Pangas has something for everyone. 

Chill out with a refreshing blended fruit drink or sample some of the area's freshest seafood from our fresh fish market. Our chefs use the area's freshest local seafood caught straight from the region's best fishermen with all-natural, local ingredients to accent the beachfront flavors of the Costa Rican coast in every bite. 


For your own private affair… Pangas Beach Club offers a one-of-a-kind venue in a setting marked by exceptional natural beauty. Pangas' staff is ready and willing to cater for your corporate event, destination weddings or private party – postcard worthy sunset views included!


  • Cocktail bar and restaurant
  • Fresh fish market
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fine dining
  • Surfboard storage
  • Open to the public
  • Access to multiple surf spots
  • Outdoor showers


For reservations, call 2653-0024 or 8918-5677.