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"Pacific Rim Tropical" is intended as a somewhat subjective description of an eclectic, blended "style" of design that has its roots in various Pacific rim traditions as diverse as Bali, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, and of course, Costa Rica. There are common themes and elements present in all these seemingly diverse building styles. Primarily, the architecture is driven by a response to, and a respect for, the tropical climate and ecosystems (intense sun, rain, wind, insects, animal life, etc.) Requirements for shade, shelter, and weather resistant materials are balanced with a desire for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, typically resulting in the use of wide roof overhangs, extensive incorporation of covered outdoor living areas, and flexible door and window openings.

The surrounding landscaping and the generous use of water features (fountains, pools, outdoor tubs, etc.) are primary elements that are of great importance in the design process. The incorporation of natural, indigenous building materials, which are time-tested by local traditions, is also extremely important.

It should be recognized, as we enter the twenty-first century that diverse cultures and styles of design are understood and appreciated by an increasingly educated and aware public. The combination of a more modern aesthetic with eclectic timeless traditional design elements can result in innovative design solutions that are well thought out, practical, and imaginative. Elements drawn from around the Pacific Rim in particular, and the rest of the sub-tropical world as a whole, can combine well together, resulting in a wide range of exciting new architectural designs.